Available advertising forms

Advertising Social Media package (fan page, thematic groups, Messenger BOT)


  • Placement of the advertisement / logo in the top most prominent part of the site, the so-called cover photo, which will be combined with the trailer promoting the currently playing film
  • Placing an advertisement / logo in posts and events in graphic form – logo
  • Sponsored posts about the advertiser’s products or services.
  • Logo or graphics in a pinned post that always appears at the top of the page
  • Direct private advertising message in the form of text and photos to Messanger BOT subscribers. (up to 95% CTR to over 1050 subscribers. 09.2019) It is possible to target individual messages for a city or region, thanks to which, a local company can advertise locally without exposing itself to high costs.


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Cinema advertising “on screen”

  • Advertising before the screening as a graphic or changing boards creating a video with or without sound track.
  • Advertising before the screening as an advertising film provided by the customer. On special request, our producers can prepare a movie tailored to your needs for an additional fee.
  • The maximum length is 1.5 minutes, unless otherwise specified.
  • Kino Project does not have the ability to broadcast advertising in every production. So the ads are selected individually to their respective productions.
  • Why is it worth investing in advertising during the screening?
  • Rememberability and focus. Cinema commercials are best remembered among all the media, According to research, the memory of cinema advertising is on average 5 times higher than that of television. The cinema does not allow you to change the channel. The viewer focuses on advertising in the cinema room to a much greater extent than at home, where he is distracted by numerous factors.
  • Attractive viewer profile. Cinema viewers are equally men and women. These are usually people aged 25-45, with secondary or higher education. Most Poles abroad go to the cinema for almost every title to have contact with the Polish language and Polish culture
  • Countability. Thanks to the precise reporting system, the number of recipients of your ad is counted as to the ticket. You know exactly where and how many viewers saw your spot. As a result, the cost of the campaign is always commensurate with its scope and effects.
  • Therefore, the purchasing unit for advertising in cinemas is CPC – the cost of buying one viewer (cost per client). If you decide on a campaign with 1,000 viewers, you can be sure that this is how many people will see your ad.
  • Unique quality. The cinema allows the presentation of the spot in the best picture quality with optimal sound system. In such conditions, advertising material looks much better than on TV, enhancing the power of the message, its attractiveness and rememberability.
  • Ambient effect. Cinema, like no other medium, allows you to use the power of ambient advertising. It is a place of relaxation, social gatherings, first and subsequent dates, strong emotions and, above all, good fun. Brands accompanying viewers build positive associations and permanently become part of these experiences. Cinema viewers rarely rush, most often they appear some time before the movie, which gives them the opportunity to appear in their consciousness even before the screening begins!