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KINO Project – We deal with distribution and promotion of Polish cinema abroad, especially in Scandinavia, but not only. We are a precursor of foreign distribution in this region and we can boast of the best results. The initiative was founded in 2015.

Especially important for us it is to show new films, but do not focus exclusively on commercial titles, trying to meet the expectations of our younger and older viewers.


Kino Project dla Dzieci – an initiative for the youngest viewers. We show cartoons and short études for children. Our mission is to promote Polish culture, taking care of the development of the Polish language in bilingual children.


is a series of local fanpages created by Polonia for Polonia. It’s a cultural informant with touches of Polish community abroad. Everyone can join the team and create with us


an association created for the Polish community in Norway. It organizes events promoting Polish culture, and also acts as an integration between the Norwegian and Polish society.